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intra + nutria = BETTER TOGETHER!

What is it? - Two bottles of intra and a bottle of new formulation nutria, a sample cup and a Better Together brochure all packed in an attractive, robust box.

Why have Lifestyles created it?? - Paul Kramer and his product research team have been analysing the combined effect of taking intra and nutria together and have shown that the effect on your immune system and the other 7 major systems of the body is greater than taking each product on its own. Lifestyles have always recommended a serving of 1 fl oz to 2 fl oz ( 28ml to 56ml ) per day and Paul's team found that taking 2oz of intra and 2 capsules of nutria will increase the average person's daily intake of antioxidants by 64%. That is why we recommend 2 bottles of intra and 1 bottle of nutria per month in the Better Together Kit.

Antioxidants – like those found in nutria – are well known for their ability to protect cells and slow the ravages of time on the human body, but are lacking in most peoples’ diets today.

How much is it?- The price is the same as buying 2 bottles of intra and 1 bottle of nutria! So you get all the benefit of the super packaging and brochure for free.

Over time, the testimonials and claims of better health and wellness from people combining intra and nutria have, in fact, become even more compelling and emotional. Our Product Research and Development team soon discovered why.

It turns out intra and nutria, taken together, provides individuals with hundreds of synergistic health interactions. In fact, the benefits of the botanicals in intra and nutria working together have exceeded even our expectations! These two formulas, working in conjunction with the body’s natural defense system, provide a strong deterrent for premature aging and vastly reduce the effects of environmental pollution.

Taken regularly, nutria is a tremendous contributor to better health and wellness for people all over the world. It contains key vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients from 20 different sources of fruits and vegetables to help support your immune system and protect your body from our polluted environment.

Fortunately, the body is able to curb free-radical damage by producing antioxidant molecules and enzymes. The body's arsenal of antioxidants appears to be insufficient in today’s polluted and toxic environment. However, the effectiveness of the body's antioxidant defense mechanisms appears to lessen, with free-radicals given greater rein to do damage. This results in the increase of many of the diseases we associate with ageing, including coronary heart disease, cancer, skin damage, Alzheimer's disease, strokes, and rheumatoid arthritis due to free-radical damage.

A less scientific way to explain this is by picturing your body as your house and the free-radicals as fire. If your house is burning, you want to have over 35 firefighters putting out the fire (which is the amount of antioxidants provided by intra and nutria), instead of one or two, which could be pictured as Vitamin C and/or Vitamin A.

Free-radicals are your body’s worst enemy

Free-radicals are formed naturally in the body. They are also formed, in ever-increasing numbers, outside the body i.e. pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, motor vehicle emissions, and many other processes.

The effects of free-radical damage

Overall, free-radicals have been implicated in the development of at least 50 diseases! A partial list includes arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, kidney disease, cataracts, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, lung dysfunction, pancreatitis, drug reactions, skin lesions, and ageing, to mention a few.

Heart disease and cancer are two of the most widespread diseases associated with free-radical damage. Several factors, such as high blood cholesterol levels, hypertension, cigarette smoking, and diabetes, are chief culprits in the promotion of heart disease.

Lifestyles has the solutions you need to fight the damaging effects of pollution to your body!

Paul Kramer - R.N.C.P., Vice President of International Product Research and Development at Lifestyles and author of international bestseller Fighting Body Pollution.

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